Innovative Leaders

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Innovative Leaders

Tengam Engineering has been an important leader in the injection molded magnet industry for five decades. High quality products, dedicated service, innovative problem solving, and customer satisfaction have resulted in a national and international industry-leading presence. We offer innovative solutions to magnetics engineering and design challenges in industries such as automotive, medical, industrial and specialty motors, and aerospace.

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Tengam Engineering

Tengam Engineering, Incorporated is a manufacturer of specialized injection molded ferrite and injection molded neodymium magnets and molded magnetic assemblies. We provide high-quality products to users of bonded magnets across several market segments including consumer, industrial, automotive, medical, and military / defense. Innovation is the key to our business.

exceeding expectations

Tengam customers consistently provide high ratings for our product quality, customer service and on-time delivery performance. We pride ourselves on earning the reputation as a top supplier for many of our customers. Contact us for more information about our dedication to excellence.

Let the Tengam team help you

From part development consultation through production automation, we offer a solid knowledge base to help determine the best design and materials that most effectively meet your specific needs. Learn more about our innovative engineering and design.


Timing is everything

Early contact is very important to the overall performance of your design. Our design engineers can offer many potential cost saving and exceptional performance ideas with an earlier appraisal of your design. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.